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    BULLSHIT. Owners are owners because  mut coins madden 23 they're greedy which is why Madden NFL 23 owners are known for fighting unions at every turn. The Commissioner may work with them, but an important part of his job is balancing their demands against the needs of the whole Madden NFL 23. Goodell totally ignores the most difficult task facing any Commissioner and we're expected to pretend that it's not his blame? If owners were pro-sports owners, we'd see lockouts across all leagues every five years. What makes a good commissioner is their ability to satisfy their excessive ambition while also protecting the game at the same time.

    6. Steve Young is full of real talk. Yep:

    Let's hope everyone remembers that this is the true story of the Madden NFL 23., even with regular refs.

    7. America is obsessed with football. Everyone was watching, regardless. Football is so integral to our fall activities that nobody would ever want to put down the TV, even without refs who had any clue what they were doing. Instead of a boycott and avoiding the sport, we sat in a record number, and then joined in our displeasure. This is the reason Goodell and the owners thought that Madden NFL 23 could afford to play for some time with an unfinished product.

    The other hand ...

    8. America doesn't stand for bullshit. Not in sports at all. Then there was a game that clearly went in into the wrong direction due to poor officiating. The outcry was deafening all over the country. The president of the United States even complained. Maybe the Madden NFL 23 could've gone for the whole year without new refs, without losing any ratings but that's not really the reason. A general dislike of those who work in the Madden NFL 23 offices can be a danger, and if they'd gone another couple of weeks without replacement refs, there only madden 23 coins buy would've been some more mishaps, and an even more significant loss in their credibility.